With the “European Law School” project (ELS), Humboldt-Universität Berlin, King’s College London and Université Paris 2 (Panthéon-Assas) established a new graduate study course for lawyers (Juriste Européen/European Lawyer). Students of law from the three large member states Germany, United Kingdom and France as well as the whole of Europe will be offered an education which takes into account the unification process. As the course is a totally new concept, it is possible to incorporate today’s demands concerning modern legal education.

The goal of this new study course is to comprehensively train students in their national laws (i.e. without significant omissions), whilst offering the necessary additional curriculum to develop them into truly European lawyers. The latter includes European law as well as the law of two other member states in a selected field of law and the respective legal language of the countries. The graduates will be familiar with the basics of neighbouring sciences, especially Economics, the interdisciplinary theories and the practical application of the legal systems in their chosen disciplines. A special emphasis will be placed upon working in a team, systematic and strategic thinking, negotiation, mediation and the practice of decision making in complex scenarios. In addition to the targets of Europeanisation and teaching complementary skills, the programme aims to forge links between the European Law School and its scholars in order to create a pan-European network of legal excellence.

Thereby the European Law School graduate is qualified for different vocational fields, especially international law firms and business corporations, European and International Organisations and other institutions, but also high level jurisdiction, public administration and the government. Due to the special approach of the study course, graduates will be fit to perform legal work in the UK, Germany and France. This will be facilitated by the triple European Lawyer degree which gives access to the bar in each of the countries.

The study course aims at creating a European legal elite. Legal education should no longer be based solely on national law and merely touch upon international and European aspects. This requirement is met for the very first time by the project „Juriste Européen/European Lawyer“. The study course combines existing courses on the national level (Bachelor Degree) and a specialisation on the European level (Masters Degrees). During the first three years at the home university, students will receive the regular tuition, as well as courses in one of the three specialist subjects, in order to prepare them for the following two years abroad. The areas of specialisation are Private Law, Business Regulation and Public Law. After passing the Bachelor degrees at their home university, students will spend one year each in the two other capital cities. This will result in a European legal elite, fully conversant with the key European legal systems and their practical application. Besides the studies in harmonised law and the core solutions on the three national levels, students will also be trained in modern skills which facilitate the handling of the vast number of rules and precedents, as well as their dynamic development. European Law School graduates will be distinguished by the profoundness of their knowledge in the respective specialist area and by their interdisciplinarity.


“European Law School” is the brand as well as the project title. The reputation of the leading institution for legal education in France (Paris 2 - Panthéon-Assas), the classical college in London (King’s College) and the Humboldt-Universität Berlin guarantee a level of excellence in the study course „Juriste Européen/European Lawyer“. Not only is it the first legal study course which offers a combined education in European and national laws, but it will also be the pioneer network for an educational concept that corresponds to the European reality. The network might be joined by one or two partners of excellence from Germany, France and the United Kingdom each as well as from a couple of other European countries.



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Grundmann, Stefan ; Dutheil de la Rochère, Jacqueline ; Phillips, John - La "European Law School" (Network) - Programme "Juriste Europén", Revue de droit international et de droit comparé, 2009, n° 2 et 3.


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