The association by and for students & alumni of the European Law School


The European Law School Network offers law students & alumni from the seven European countries Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands an integrated European legal education.


As an independent and non-profit association, the European Law School Students & Alumni e.V. was founded on 15 September 2011 (at that time "Alumni Network of the European Law School e.V."). It adopted a new statute and its current name on 16 December 2012.


As an association by and for students & alumni of the degree programme, we also advocate transnational cooperation within the framework of European integration.


A transnational and intergenerational network


Our aim is to build a cross-national and cross-generational network of programme students and alumni in order to promote exchange between (future) European lawyers and to create a platform for maintaining contacts.


We want to:


  • promote and maintain friendly relations between ELS alumni and current participants and create a link to the exchange programme;
  • enable ELS alumni and current students to assist each other in a variety of life situations;
  • ensure representation of students in organisations and institutions whose activities are related to the ELS.




We not only contribute to European Law School events, but also organise our own events.


These include:

  • Brown Bag Lunches: Representatives from legal professions talk about their personal careers and everyday professional life in a small group during lunch;
  • Introductory meetings for those interested in the European Law School;
  • Pub nights;
  • Alumni reunions.